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Rock, Cornwall Private Client 340 m² | 3,660 ft² On Site

New build house on steep slope overlooking Camel estuary

The challenge posed was to create a spacious family holiday home that took full advantage of a wide but relatively tight site, whilst avoiding the monolithic appearance of a single large house. Three separate buildings were therefore designed — each with a separate materiality and shape — whose articulated facades disguise the massing of the building.

The surf room with wetsuit tanks, drying racks, a double shower, and towel storage is located close to the front door to ensure easy access on return from the beach, whilst the tapering hall offers views through to the guest cottage and main living room beyond.

A two-storey cottage - clad in Trebarwith slate which is also used on the flanks of the central building – completes the succession of spaces. The central link structure, featuring a glazed wall overlooking the estuary and backed with dark wood in contrast to the view, was conceived as the fulcrum and focus of the house, with bedrooms located in the wings to either side.

The unconventionally shaped nooks between the various structures are used for seating, working and contemplation – a deep window seat and bubble chair allow for easy conversation in one space whilst a leather clad desk provides a convenient workspace on the other.

In the lower floor a cinema/games room provides a quiet retreat on the occasional wet winter’s day, with a secret bar - concealed behind the wood panelling - adding an unexpected tweak to the viewing experience.

Lighting in the main room was designed by PS lab; the kitchen was designed by Holloways of Ludlow; cabinetry throughout the building was supplied by Grovecourt with the stonework, including the master ensuite bathroom, supplied by Stone Circle.

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