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“We offer clients the ultimate in bespoke design for projects of all sizes; every aspect of every project is carefully considered —

not just the way spaces flow into each other but also details like the texture of finished surfaces and the feel of a doorknob.”


Rundell Associates does not follow a ‘House Style’; each of our projects is founded on the specific needs of the client and reflects the specific qualities of the site.

This ensures that our buildings are unique, tailored to suit the individual ambitions of each client. ­­

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We build houses with clients,
not for clients.



We are fully involved in every aspect of our projects — down to the smallest detail.

By working with a carefully curated team of expert craftspeople in every field we can create completely bespoke solutions to meet any design challenge.

— our long experience in collaborating with the best craftspeople throughout Europe has allowed us to offer clients unique and bespoke products of the very highest quality.

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No feature is too small,
no finish is unimportant.

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Our work integrates the latest innovations in creative sustainable solutions, and we are continually updating our designs to make use of the best of sustainable technology.

Our experience in delivering PassivHaus standard homes ensures that our projects are at the forefront of low-carbon design whilst maintaining the highest aesthetic standards.

Sustainable buildings can be beautiful and efficient; no one should have to choose between the two.


Our unrivalled experience in the field of art has led to numerous collaborations with artists, dealers and collectors throughout the world.

Alongside permanent galleries in London we have designed numerous installations in locations including the Hayward Gallery, Tate Modern and the Grand Palais in Paris, and designed homes for artists including Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Harland Miller, Sam Taylor-Johnson and Keith Tyson.

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White Cube, Hoxton Square

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White Cube, Mason's Yard